Nilanjana Premaratna - Volunteer Supporter

Why I'm excited by NVC: It could be so many things; it has been so many things. Right now, because it gives me hope; something to hold onto, even in the hardest times: because it shows me the way to be caring and true to others while caring and being true to my values, my needs and my dreams: because it showed me a space where I can simply be myself and not worry.

This is why it touches me so deeply right now, and I'm amazed at how powerful the intention to really connect with someone can be and how satisfactory the outcome could be for everyone.

Ok, about me:

I'm Nilanjana, interested in literature, gender studies, peace and conflict transformation, development, film-making and a dozen other things. I practice Buddhism and believe in plurality and diversity.

My vision:

Just to share this wonderful thing I experienced with other people, wanting to contribute to their lives, to show that it's actually possible to be authentic and caring and follow your dreams...