Jeyanthy Siva - Founder & Member of Board of Directors

Jeyanthy Siva is an international trainer in Communication, conflict resolution and healing/reconciliation. Jeyanthy's vision and greatest hope is to contribute to healing, reconciliation and peaceful coexistence of all the different communities of Lanka and by extension the world by sharing the skills for people to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence, to stay connected with each other even when there is a disagreement and to gain access to resources needed to sustain life powerfully and peacefully.

She has been facilitating trainings and team retreats since 2000 and travels extensively between Asia, Europe and other parts of the world*. She has trained teachers, university students, lecturers and NGO staff (local and international) and media personal as well as medical professionals (doctors, psychiatrists & counselors). She has also trained teams in private sector companies as well as business leaders, coaches and other individuals looking to improve management, communication and conflict resolution skills. 

In the late 90's, along with other trainers from Berkeley, CA (USA), she co-founded the Diversity Project to bring Nonviolent Communication to minority groups in the USA who have traditionally been blocked in their ability to access equal opportunity.

Jeyanthy studied Nonviolent Communication with NVC founder Marshall Rosenberg, with the founders of BayNVC and with trainers from around the world who are affiliated with the US based Center for Nonviolent Communication. She has been studying with and mentored by Joanna Macy since 2002. She also trained and served as a community mediator.

Her academic background is in South Asian Studies (MA program) at the University of California, Berkeley (USA) and Philosophy and Psychology (BA) at Rutgers University, NJ (USA).


* She has conducted workshops & presentations (including key note address') in Asia (Sri Lanka, Singapore & India), Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Finland, United Kingdom, Italy and Switzerland) and the US (California, New York).