Foundation for Sandhi Institute Launch in Netherlands April 18

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are excited to announce our Launch/Opening event for the Foundation for Sandhi Insitute which was set up early this year in The Netherlands to fund raise for the work of Sandhi Institute, Sri Lanka.

Here you will find Dutch version of the invitation for April 18th event in Haaksbergen, The Netherlands. We will also be organizing another similar event in the Hague or Amsterdam in  May or June, 2009.

For more information about the April 18th event, please contact the organizer of this event and board member of the "Foundation for Sandhi Institute" Antowi Wibbilink. She can speak English as well as Dutch.

In order to help us plan the snacks and drink, please let us know if you are planning to attend by writing or calling Antowi:

tel.: 053-5721473

If you think of others who would be interested to know about the event, please pass on this information.