Chamila Udagama - IRT Coordinator & training assistant (Volunteer)

I have done and learnt so many things in my life, but I remained with questions about what am I going to do with what I leant, is it really what I want in my life? Are the things I have been taught making any sense to me? My answer was “NO”, and with NVC my whole life became different, it helped me to tune into to myself, and awaken the unique, beautiful person who lived inside me, whom I could not see till I was introduced to NVC. I thought it is for me, because it touched my core, I embodied it more than any thing else, because it gave me hope and trust on life. I do not want to learn many new things, but only to unlearn what I have been learning for about 20 years.  It lessens all the pressures and weights I had on my shoulders from all the previous leanings and made my life simpler, easier and relaxed.  And that it is what I really wanted in my life, so I am here with NVC, now it is my passion and my life. I look forward to inspiring people the way I was inspired by NVC 



About me:

I am Chamila Udagama working with the Sandhi Team, and also engaged in yearlong NVC leadership program to deepen my NVC practice and teaching Skills, in California, USA. Also graduate from the University of Kelanity on “Peace and Conflict Resolution”