Sandhi Associates

Lucy Perry - Visiting Trainer & Volunteer Supporter

Lucy Perry began studying Nonviolent Communication in 2002, and graduated from the Bay Area Nonviolent Communication Leadership Training Program in 2006. Lucy enjoys providing NVC training to a wide variety of groups in her home country of USA, and internationally. When outisde Sri Lanka, Lucy continues her connection with Sandhi, providing various types of ad-hoc support such as website development. Lucy lives in Brussels, Belgium.

Jeyanthy Siva - Founder & Member of Board of Directors

Jeyanthy Siva is an international trainer in Communication, conflict resolution and healing/reconciliation. Jeyanthy's vision and greatest hope is to contribute to healing, reconciliation and peaceful coexistence of all the different communities of Lanka and by extension the world by sharing the skills for people to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence, to stay connected with each other even when there is a disagreement and to gain access to resources needed to sustain life powerfully and peacefully.

Vasuki Rajasingham - Member of Board of Directors

Vasuki is an academic, organic farmer, NVC practitioner. About her interest in NVC, she says, "I have been learning NVC since 1998 and I am trying basically to live a peaceful life with the environment, people and cultures around me. I want to grow and learn more and more about it. I find NVC is a tool which enables me to reach there. It showed me how to live a peaceful live in the midst of conflict." To the question of what motivates her to serve Sandhi as a director, she says, “My sense is that Sandhi trainers are highly skilled and I wanted to learn from them.

Gayathri Sewwandi - Program Coordinator (Volunteer)

Gayathri is a graduate from the University of Kelaniya with a degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution and an undergraduate for the LLB (law) degree.

Helen de Silva - Company Secretary

Helen de Silva ACCS, is the Governing Director of Corporate Affairs (Pvt) Ltd the Company Secretaries to Sandhi Institute. It is indeed a pleasure to work with Jeyanthy and serve Sandhi Institute on regulatory matters relating to non profit Companies. We see Sandhi as a unique organization working towards a worthy cause that is so important to us individually and collectively.

Lucy Perry - Volunteer Supporter

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