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Weekly columns on philosophy and basics of NVC for an English language newspaper. Read them all in one place on this blog and post questions or comments:

Authentic Communication Workshop, Colombo July 25-26th

Authentic Communication

(Nonviolent Communication: a language of compassion)

July 25 & 26th, 2009


Uitnodiging voor de eerste informatiemiddag

Haaksbergen, 02 - 04 - 2009.

Uitnodiging voor de eerste

van de Stichting Sandhi Institute op
zaterdagmiddag 18 april 2009 in de
recreatiezaal (bovenste verdieping) van
het Sterrebos, Julianastraat 97 te Haaksbergen.

Foundation for Sandhi Institute Launch in Netherlands April 18

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are excited to announce our Launch/Opening event for the Foundation for Sandhi Insitute which was set up early this year in The Netherlands to fund raise for the work of Sandhi Institute, Sri Lanka.

Nonviolent Communication Workshop in Colombo April 4-5

Sandhi Institute is open again after last year's hiatus, and we'll be teaching an introductory workshop in Nonviolent Communication, on the weekend of April 4 and 5 in Colombo.

This workshop is open to anyone who wants to learn what this NVC stuff is about. After 2 days you will leave with some ideas for how to improve your relationships at work, at home, and wherever you may find yourself challeneged in communicating with others.



Inspiring Woman Activist and Friend

I just saw an article about my friend Oyporn - I met her few years ago on a course on Feminism and Buddhism in Thailand and was very touched by her commitment - to heal herself as well as to contributing to the healing of women and the world at large. I just came across the below article on her life and work and want to share it with you:

Getting Ready for Dragon Dreaming and Fundraising

I am in Holland now and am preparing myself for some exciting events in Uberlingen, Germany at the end of this month. Here, I am offering a two day introduction to Nonviolent Communication (30th-31st of August). And an evening fundraising presentation about Sandhi Institute's work in Sri Lanka on Fri evening, 31st of August. If you are interested in attending either of these, send us an email by clicking on the above "contact" link.

From the Tokoyo Airport on way back to Lanka

I am on my way back to Colombo after a long visit to the US where I first joined the training team for the Living Peace retreat with Miki Kashtan and others from BayNVC. It was a great experince, even though I was predictably jet lagged!

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