Video of Buddhist Monk Thich Nhat Hanh speaking about peace

I just watched this youtube video and found it very inspiring, so I wanted to share it with you. Here it is:

May/Jun 2013: Inter-religious dialogue with clergy from all four faiths in Sri Lanka

Training and support with non defensive listening and non attacking speaking and the skills for dialogue for clergy (Buddhist monks, HIndu Iyars, Christian farthers, Muslim Mawlawis) and community leaders engaged in inter-religious dialogue.

Feb 2012: 10-day residential training with Sandhi Institute

Sandhi Institute is once again pleased to offer this intensive residential training -- a collaboration betwen our local Sandhi team, and several international trainers.

Don't miss this exciting opprtunity for deep learning and practice! Open to newcomers and advanced practitioners alike.

You can download the flyer for Sri Lankan and other South Asian participants here.

Feb 2011 Event: 10-day residential training with Sandhi Institute

Sandhi Institute is offering a 10 day Residential Training with the collaboration of international trainers.

Open to everyone interested and looking for tools to strengthen relationships and reach for conflicts with hope.

For more details, download our flyer here.


Inspiring Talk by an Inspiring Woman

Joanna Macy on the Gifts of Uncertainty:

Keynote at ICT conference: Have a little faith in me

I have been invited to be a keynote speaker as part of a panel at an international technology conference which is held in different parts of the world and is being held in Amsterdam this year: I am honored to be part of an impressive panel. The topic of the Panel is "Have a little faith in me: What part does trust play in the information society? Description of the Panel Topic: Do you trust civil servants? As a politician? As a citizen? Do you trust citizens? As a politician? As a civil servant?

Presentation at Florence University in Italy

Presentation on Nonviolent Communication and the work of Sandhi Institute in Sri Lanka. Gave talk to about 40-50 people at the University on Monday evening, 26th April. In English with Italian translation. I enjoyed it very much. There was a lot of enthusiasm from many of the people who came. We are now organizing a 2 day introductory training in May. Will post the details of that here soon as we have it finalized. Below is the announcement about the Florence University presentation for anyone interested:

Spiral of Work that Reconnects

Coming back to life (from numbness or apathy) by touching our gratitude for life which can unleash our grief for the pain of the world and by connecting to that heartbreak and grief, we can take empowered action which is coming from being connected to the fierce love for the earth and the beings of the earth that underlies the grief. My short description of the inspiring work of Joanna Macy. For more details, see her website:

Weekly Columns on NVC for newspaper

Weekly columns on philosophy and basics of NVC for an English language newspaper. Read them all in one place on this blog and post questions or comments:

Authentic Communication Workshop, Colombo July 25-26th

Authentic Communication

(Nonviolent Communication: a language of compassion)

July 25 & 26th, 2009


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