Authentic Communication Workshop, Colombo July 25-26th

Authentic Communication

(Nonviolent Communication: a language of compassion)

July 25 & 26th, 2009


Colombo (details sent after registration)

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In this training, you will learn how to: 

·      Express Yourself Honestly

Without blame, criticism or threat 

·      Listen with Empathy

Without hearing blame or criticism even when others express themselves in hostile ways

What is it about?

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) can strengthen our ability to stay connected to ourselves and to communicate with others (family, friends, neighbors and work colleagues) clearly and authentically. Powerful technique of how to stay true to yourself and connected with others at the same time. NVC is being used worldwide by thousands of parents, teachers, doctors, social workers, managers and others to improve their work and home life.

This basic training sets the context for NVC and presents the basic concepts and tools that are used to resolve conflict and improve the quality of participants’ personal and professional relationships. After this introductory training, participants will be invited to continue and deepen their practice, if they wish, through ongoing practice groups in Colombo.

Requested fee is a sliding scale (pick between these figures based on your financial means):

For individuals paying for themselves:  Rs. 15,000 - Rs.5,000 for both days.For those sponsored by an organization: Rs.30,000 – Rs.15,000 for both days.

No One Will be turned away for Lack of Funds. Please contact us if you want to attend even if you are not able to afford the low end of the scale. We can dialogue and make a mutual arrangement that will include your needs and ours both.

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