Sandhi is a word rooted in the Pali and Sanskrit languages. It has many meanings, including: a point where two or more paths meet, a junction, a crossroads, and a meeting place.
To learn more about Compassionate Communication, see our resources page, or visit the website of the Center for Nonviolent Communication.
To learn more about the Work That Reconnects, visit Joanna Macy's website.


Our work is based on Compassionate Communication - also known as Nonviolent Communication. We offer public and private trainings in this communication process, helping individuals and organizations to build skills for connecting across differences and forĀ resolving conflicts in a way that honors the humanity of everyone involved.

We also offer coaching and meeting facilitation, to help people develop their capacities for creative cooperation.

In our broader goals of supporting healing for all people, and healing for the planet, we are greatly influenced by a form of group work calledĀ "The Work That Reconnects", which incorporates the needs and well being of all beings on planet earth, the human as well as the non human.

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